Mercari operates an Australian regulated financial derivatives exchange offering a broad range of products including energy, commodity, environmental, interest rate and foreign exchange derivatives.

Mercari is licensed to operate a Tier 1 wholesale financial derivatives market exchange (“AML”) under Section 791A of the Australian Corporations Act. Mercari also holds an Australian Financial Services Licence. (AFSL) #229935. Bloomberg (MRCI). Refinitiv (MERC/INDEX).


Mercari offers financial product markets in Commodities, Energy, Environmental, Interest Rates, Foreign Exchange derivatives and tradeable certificates. Mercari also hosts markets for non-financial products.

Many of the products traded on Mercari have been uniquely designed to meet the specialist requirements of OTC market participants. Through its innovative and flexible market infrastructure and systems, Mercari has proven itself to be able to offer efficient, relevant and reliable exchange markets.

Environmental Markets

Mercari since 2005 has been active in attempting to promote the growth of regulated, licensed and orderly markets for environmental products. In 2010 we varied our AML to specifically include environmental derivatives. Since then Mercari has worked consistently in trying to consolidate liquidity toward regulated markets but with limited success due to the continued market fragmentation and the ongoing presence of unregulated bespoke marketplaces. We have however continued to persist in this pursuit, including becoming part of a successful Part A and Part B consortium tender for the building of an Australian Carbon Exchange and achieving success with our Mercari LGC data which has been well adopted by industry.