LGC Closing Rates

Mercari operates an end of day closing rates window for Large-scale Renewable Energy Certificates (LGC) utilising Mercari’s proprietary eSEF technology. LGC contract specifications are available below.

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Mercari reference pages

Bloomberg (MRCI)

Refinitiv (MERC/INDEX).

LGC – Large-Scale Generation Certificates

Spot Closing Price History

Forward Price Curve Based on Mid Point Index

LGC Closing Settlement Price Methodology

Firm Tradable Prices

  • Method A represents firm prices tradable on screen by counterparties with investment grade credit ratings
    Method B will substitute if necessary

Market Survey

  • A survey of available prices from various market participants will be conducted to calculate a fair value
  • Method B prices are not firm and are reference levels only
  • Method C will substitute if necessary


  • Method C employs Mercari’s LGC Cost of Carry Model.
  • Method C prices are not firm and are reference levels only.

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