Mercari has extensive industry experience in designing derivative and associated structured products as well as operating complex licensed rule based financial market infrastructure.

With respect to the crypto/virtual asset class, Mercari is currently evaluating a number of projects within a narrow focus of providing institutional regulated solutions to eliminate various “pain points” that exist within the industry specifically with respect to gaining further institutional participation. Areas of study currently include the enablement of an acceptable grade of institutional custody, the provision of licensed institutional derivative product markets and the provision of reliable reference rates for crypto assets.

Combining the extensive experience, innovative mindset and regulatory know how of its principals, Mercari is also uniquely positioned to provide institutional and wholesale investors with valuable insights in navigating the complexity of new products in markets with varying levels of regulation.

In January 2022 Mercari announced its APAC Crypto Reference Rates, the Mercari Digital Asset Research Bitcoin and Ethereum Reference Rate. On In March 2022 Mercari announced a series A investment round to further bolster resources directed toward this asset class.

Mercari will continue to provide updates to its activities in the crypto space upon any material advances to our plans.