Trading on Mercari

Trading on Mercari

Mercari owns and operates its own proprietary technology allowing it the flexibility to quickly and efficiently bring new products to market, as well as the ability to adapt to a changing market.

Mercari is licensed to operate markets for a broad range of products including energy, commodity, environmental, interest rate and foreign exchange derivatives.

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Platform Features - Intra and Post Trade


Mercari eSEF is able to accommodate multiple market models, particularly hybrid models, through Mercari's proprietary matching algorithm – METAL (Mercari Enhanced Trading Amounts Logic).

METAL can be configured to incorporate knowledge of credit arrangements which can be used to pre-set to cleared, No Credit, Yes Credit or Check Credit. This information is utilised to display only tradable deals.

METAL optimises credit, price, time, quantity information to maximise trading outcomes.


Mercari operates orderly and efficient trade matching venues that can be tailored to meet diverse post-trade requirements. Whilst not dictating post trade arrangements, Mercari can offer a range of post-trade options for clients.

Through Mercari's sophisticated credit and post-trade dissemination engine, Mercari is able to facilitate multiple straight through processing and post-trade scenarios.

The Mercari eSEF platform can efficiently manage:

  • Bilateral credit markets
  • Cleared markets
  • Multi-clearing house markets
  • Hybrid bilateral, cleared and multi-clearing house markets

Mercari eSEF has some pre-existing distribution links for post-trade information to locations such as MarkitWire which can be activated upon demand to facilitate straight through processing.

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The Mercari eSEF platform is available for professional and wholesale investors only.