Mercari Technology

Mercari eSEF

Mercari markets operate on a purpose built, OTC trading and matching platform known as Mercari eSEF (electronic swaps execution facility). Connectivity is available through the Mercari trader client or Mercari broker client.

Mercari eSEF was designed by OTC market professionals for OTC market professionals for OTC market conditions and conventions.

Mercari eSEF powers OTC markets by offering advanced features to assist participants with managing their order and trade books, incorporating best practice trading, order management and audit features. In addition to trade and execution efficiency, Mercari eSEF also offers advanced security and audit functionality.

As an electronic system, Mercari eSEF meets user and regulatory requirements of fair, orderly, transparent and efficient markets, offering multiple market structures configurable at the product level.

Mercari's investment in technology underpins its philosophy to bring together the best trading concepts with key and relevant end user functionality.

Market Structures

If required the Mercari eSEF technology also offers multiple market structures configurable at the product and tenor levels.

Mercari eSEF can offer both request for quote (RFQ) and central limit order book (CLOB) structures delivered via intermediated (brokered) and disintermediated (direct) market models.

The flexibility of the Mercari eSEF technology is such that the price discovery model and distribution model can be set at the product level.

  • Inter-dealer (dis-intermediated)
  • Brokered (intermediated)
  • Hybrid inder-dealer/brokered
Price Discovery:
  • Order driven markets – Request for Quote (RFQ)
  • Price driven markets – Central Limit Order Book (CLOB)

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The Mercari eSEF platform is available for professional and wholesale investors only.