Mercari Licensed Electronic Swap Execution Facility  Mercari Licensed Electronic Swap Execution Facility

About Mercari Energy

Mercari Energy is an inter-dealer broker providing services in commodity, energy and environmental products. Mercari Energy provides not only traditional voice broking services but also direct access electronic and hybrid voice/electronic dealing solutions.

Mercari Energy provides its electronic broking services utilising the Mercari Direct market platform which offers dealers and professional participants access to an electronic execution facility delivering pre- and post-trade efficiencies.

As an interdealer-broker, Mercari Energy draws together wholesale and professional participants seeking to transact in energy, commodity and environmental risk products.

In many of the markets where Mercari Energy is working to execute business, it also seeks to promote market transparency and pricing efficiency so as to help foster liquidity – the essence of the price discovery process. This is particularly important in non-standardized, bespoke markets where the number of counterparties willing to enter certain transactions may be limited.

Mercari Energy is an Australian Financial Services Authorised Representative, number 397775.

Products and Services

Powered by the Mercari eSEF platform, Mercari Energy customers have access to a purpose built OTC platform which offers multiple market structures (central limit order book versus request for quote versus direct bilateral negotiation). The Mercari eSEF platform also offers dealers a real OTC negotiating experience rather than a simple auction type matching service.

Mercari Energy offers a multiple execution model of voice, full electronic and hybrid voice-electronic price discovery, enabling a diverse range of customers the opportunity to access trading opportunities.

Specifically, Mercari Energy offers market services in commodity, energy, freight and environmental products.

Markets Supported

Mercari Energy is a broker participant of Mercari Direct, an Australian Market Licensed market. And although linked to Mercari, Mercari Energy provides access to markets beyond Mercari Direct.

Please contact the Mercari Energy team to discuss your trading and market requirements.

Contact Mercari Energy

The Mercari Energy team can be contacted by telephone or email:

+ 61 2 8024 5200